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Enter the world of Broochella and indulge your senses in the opulent surroundings of the Broochella Boudoir. The studio is located in the historically Jewish suburb of Coolbinia, the building encased in marble and the jarrah stained glass doors to the Boudoir open up to transport you into another era, like stepping back into a simpler time of your childhood as you find yourself in Nonna’s living room. 

That’s how it feels for Creative Director, Juliet Cuerden.  “When I work I really need an intimate, beautiful space’, beautiful is exactly what she has created. 

From the vintage gold sofa to the Italian capodemonti the space is, filled with interiors curios chosen carefully from local markets and vintage stores.

“I want to feel like I’m in my childhood home“ Juliet says, “My studio is adorned with all the curiosities and adornments that make up my family and our tradition. I’ve ‘borrowed’ most pieces from my mum and my childhood home, my sister and my aunt, the rest I collected. My brooches are intimate creations that come from the heart, and I want to share that with  the woman or man who appreciates, tradition, quality and simplicity.