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Crisantemo Flower Brooch - gigante

Crisantemo Flower Brooch - gigante

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Crisantemo Gigante

Broochella celebrates the beauty of nature through the Botanical Collection, which includes the Crisantemo Gigante floral brooch. 

Each piece is interpreted by skilled hands, one after the other, so as to define its own character, its own story and its own romanticism.

Entirely one of a kind, the Crisantemo Gigante is made of the 100% Silk. Each petal is hand-made at our atelier in New York using vintage tools and techniques with a tried and true quality that cannot be matched.

Wear it on a glamorous gown or simple blazer with complementing tones. This beautiful flower brooch comes to you in a beautiful gift box for storage.

Whether you’re looking to add edge to your daytime look or bring elevated glamour to your everyday wear, Broochella is your go to when it comes to the universal accessory.

As each piece is handcrafted, colours and details may vary from the item pictured.