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Behind the brand

Sustainable styling & accessorising is the future of fashion - Broochella’s innovative vision
When I think of Broochella, I think of happiness, of childhood memories, of freedom. I think of the joy and strength of being a woman. I think of my parents who immigrated to Australia from Italy and left their family behind dreaming of a better life, adapting to a new world. I think of the history and respect they had for their ancestors.

The vision I have for Broochella is a simpler way of living. When my parents came to Australia they made do with what they worked hard for, they lived in humble surroundings. Life didn’t own them. They had what they needed that gave them joy and that measure of living is where we need to refine our balance  - returning to a simpler life.

Growing up I learnt from family. My mother taught me resilience and showed me what it is to be selfless. My father taught me about loyalty and what it is to work hard. My kids are constantly inspiring me and teaching me patience and the skills to adapt as they grow.

Since becoming a personal stylist 7 years ago, I have come to understand that within even a short styling session there is an intimate connection built with my client as we discuss their aspirations and desires, their fears and insecurities. Together we explore ways to help them portray their confident and authentic selves through the way they dress. The openness, vulnerability and trust my clients share with me is humbling and reminds me daily of what is most important to me in life - meaningful human connection. This is what grounds and inspires me.

I started thinking about brooches when I realised that life could be easier and simpler for my clients. A way to make their wardrobes more versatile without the need to continuously buy new clothes. In today's climate, we are more conscious of what and how much we buy. People are looking for quality over fast fashion and 'slow fashion' needs to be a movement we value and embrace in the future. 

I believe brooches are a timeless fashion medium that can play a part in a sustainable world by using less resources to dramatically change an outfit, yet still express their unique selves and personality. For now, the backings of our brooches are made with repurposed materials. I want to put myself to good use by creating a sustainable accessory that helps our environment and at the same time is a meaningful and timeless treasure in ones wardrobe. Finding harmony in fashion and our future gives me purpose.

The Broochella woman or man is a free spirit who understands we must find a way to create emotion and tell a story in which humans and the environment are not at odds. This is what Broochella aims to do. I want to honour and celebrate my history, my family, my ancestors. I want to design and create brooches that tap into each person’s authentic self so when worn they tell a story. An individual story and a journey back to a simpler life.